Consumers are being advised to stop buying fridges and freezers with flammable plastic backs, which could create a fire risk.

According to research by Which? there are at least 236 such models on sale, representing nearly half the market.

It is also asking manufacturers to stop making such appliances.

However, the industry said consumers should not be alarmed. It insisted that all fridges and freezers sold in the UK adhere to legal safety requirements.

The move by Which? follows a five-year campaign by the London Fire Brigade to have full fire-resistant backing on such appliances made compulsory.

Flammable plastic backs are unlikely to be the direct cause of a fire, but they can help flames to spread.

But because it believes the danger is relatively low, Which? is not calling for millions of existing appliances to be recalled.

“People who already have one of these models in their homes shouldn’t be alarmed, but our advice is that no-one should purchase one from new,” said Alex Neill, the managing director of Which? Home and Product Services.

A Hotpoint fridge-freezer has been cited as the starting point for the fire that spread throughout Grenfell Tower.

However, it is still being examined by forensic officers, and it is not known whether it had a flammable back.

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